Multi-Cloud canvas for Microservices and APIs

A Multi-Cloud, holistic platform to compose, connect, secure, deploy, publish, monitor and extend APIs and Microservices

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  • Write functions in Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby…
  • Out of box and custom Triggers like Object Storage, Kafka events,
  • Web IDE
  • Git push/pull local and remote workspace
  • Blue/Green/Canary deployments
  • Open Source serverless engine support

Express  API Gateway

  • Built on popular Express.js
  • Proxy with load balancer
  • OAuth 2.0, JWT, CORS, SAML, AD, Basic Auth, Key Auth, etc
  • Global and local Policy Enforcement
  • Throttling
  • Metering
  • Logging
  • QoS Rewrite


  • Multi-Cloud platform, VM or bare metal
  • Convert app into deployable YAML
  • Push button deploy to kubernetes workspace
  • Dynamic reload on change
  • Microservices to pod distribution
  • Migrate apps between environments
  • Monitoring & Upgrades


  • Visual Drag and Drop widgets
  • Compose greenfield microservices
  • Transform legacy into microservices
  • Default Model Driven API framework (
  • Automatic API CRUD endpoint generation
  • Correlated Composite microservices

Enterprise Connectors

  • Auto generated objects models and relationships
  • Data transformation and connectivity
  • 40+ Data Connectors Including Memory, Redis, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Email, JSON RPC, MQ Light, Push, SOAP, REST, Kafka, CouchDB,  Couchbase, Elastic Search, RethinkDB, Riak, SAP Hana, etc.

Developer  Portal

  • Based on Swagger specification
  • Extensive auto generated documentation
  • Testing Web interface
  • Auto generated API Endpoints
  • Create different tiers of offerings by bundling APIs into API products
  • Rate limiting and metering API products
  • A/B testing of new API publishing