• “Drag and drop” to compose cloud native APIs as serverless microservices

  • Bring your own framework (BYOF) for microservice development

  • “Connect the dots” GUI and JavaScript to transparently integrate

  • Iterate quickly with easy built-in model and domain driven templates

  • Reduce complexity – focus on the 20% core IP versus 80% boilerplate


  • Visually orchestrate and deploy microservices and APIs

  • Secure and control access to your APIs

  • Deploy with one click and CI/CD integration

  • Scale on demand with dynamic container-based runtime

  • Enable serverless development with devops transparency and control

  • Define quality of services and adjust experience levels


  • Monitor real time updates on all runtime components

  • Visualize your API inflow and outflow of producers and consumers

  • Perform ad-hoc queries through quick drag and drop association

  • Own and retain your data with interfaces to popular analytic solutions through StatsD


  • Create Plug and Play “” in a box

  • Monetize your cloud native APIs through self service tools

  • Create dynamic offerings and pricing SKUs of API products through flexible plans

  • Support all monetization models to create more revenue opportunities

  • Extend your business’ reach by building and growing communities


  • Optimize your cloud business revenue and cost in real time

  • Measure key revenue metrics: MRR/ARR, ARPU, Churn, etc.

  • Perform “what-if” scenarios using machine learning on your data

  • Forecast future revenue and operating cost with subscriber demand modeling

  • Schedule business and operational changes in one forecast