Write a Function. Build A Microservice. Done.

Express Serverless Platform empowers Developers and DevOps to seamlessly build, run and manage microservices as functions in the cloud.

Declare and Deploy

Designed for developers with microservices in mind. Declare your APIs from your microservices and deploy them through the cloud easily.

Unlock A Superhero in Every Developer and DevOps Team Member

Everyone on your team brings value to the table – amplify it. Express Serverless Platform removes the mundane and tedium in building world class products.  What’s left is a hyper focus gained by team members to amplify value they produce.

Streamlined Efficiency Following
Industry-wide Best Practices

A team unified under the same playbook won’t drop the ball. Express Serverless Platform unifies the cross discipline processes of building modern applications by getting everyone involved on the same page with microservices best practices built throughout the tooling.

Lightspeed Innovation Through

In the cloud era, innovate quickly to beat your competition. Express Serverless Platform increases your team’s velocity and sustained innovation through microservices conventions and automation.

Cut Costs While Boosting Customers and Revenue

Understand the impact to your top and bottom line running microservices and exposing APIs. Express Serverless Platform utilizes your clouds’ lowest infrastructure cost while instrumenting your APIs to create new revenue opportunities.

Your Cloud - Just Better.

Express Serverless Platform runs on your public cloud account and utilizes public cloud infrastructure to the its fullest capability. As a true multi cloud platform, Express Serverless Platform runs fully self contained and seamlessly on-premise and in any cloud combination through its common infrastructure built on Kubernetes.

Express Serverless Platform Use Cases


Use Case #1: Monolith to Microservices

Break up your monolithic application into microservices so you can leverage data and services from your monoliths or start fresh by building a new clean layer of microservices. Start small, realize success early, mitigate dependency risks.


Use Case #2: Accelerated Solutions Delivery

Solve business use cases in a vertical or industry by starting with a templated solution instead from scratch. Customize and extend with differentiating Intellectual Property that your clients need in quicker iterations and under constantly evolving business requirements.


Use Case #3:On Demand Computation

Serverless functions ran on demand when you need them. Simple, one-time setup of events and triggers so you can process business events as a continuous stream to react quickly, delivery value more often and engage deeply with your users.


Use Case #4: Multi Cloud Elasticity

Complexity, like security and compliance, should not get in the way of leveraging the hybrid or multi cloud architecture your enterprise needs to scale elastically.

"Micro-services running serverless are going to define the next decade of computing powering mobile, IoT and AI. I believe LunchBadger has it’s vision firmly aligned towards this new momentum shift and can surface as a major disruptor."
— Shubhra Kar VP of Products and Technology, Linux Foundation



Visual Canvas

An intuitive visual interface that is a “single pane of glass” to build and integrate microservices as simple functions and expose them as APIs, all in one seamless experience.


Model Functions and Model Connectors

Build microservices as model based functions utilizing a vast ecosystem of connectors to give developers a huge leg up on model properties, CRUD, and auto REST scaffolding with OpenAPI specs - all out of the box.


Raw Serverless Functions

Start with any popular language - Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Go, .NET Core and create a whole set of new functionality from the ground up by writing a simple function.


Visual Orchestration of Microservices

Analyze, group and categorize the entire microservices backend as a flat set of containers so you can understand the complete API request/response flow in detail as it’s deployed.


Any Cloud. Multi Cloud Ready

Auto deploy and scale all microservice instances - both application and infrastructure easily into Kubernetes in any cloud without worrying about dockerizing and container image management


Everything as Code in Git

Break down business logic, application data, system metadata and infrastructure config all as declarative code automatically in git. Work locally or remotely through git accelerating your software development lifecycle.

API Management and Security

Commercial Support

Customer Success and Expert Services

Multi Cloud Runtime

Serverless and Microservices




Serverless Platform

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