Express Serverless Platform for AWS 

Leverage what you have to achieve microservices for cloud applications.

Don’t throw away what you have. 


Express Serverless Platform combines serverless functions, tools for integrations and a microservices API gateway all with automated deployment to your cloud – any cloud.

Innovate with hyperfocus.

Enterprises are under constant pressure to support new channels for customer acquisition and partner enablement.


Not delivering quickly on a microservices and API strategy means potentially losing out on new opportunities to more agile competitors.


We understand your API and cloud strategy MUST go hand-in-hand.


LunchBadger integrations


The Developer Survival Guide for Express Serverless Platform on AWS 


Unified visual interface for configuring and deploying functions, integrations, and microservices API gateway. Automate config as code with no black box surprises through visual orchestration.




Support for enterprise security (key auth, OAuth2, etc.) and dynamic policies for request/response pipelines, fine grain authorization.




A best in class microservices API gateway that is built on top of ExpressJS and its 3,000+ modules at your disposal. Customize and extend through simple straightforward JavaScript. No steep learning curves for your teams.



Run on any public cloud or on-premises. Have true multi cloud capabilities and take advantage of public cloud serverless infrastructure without the hidden costs – or run entirely self contained in Kubernetes – or any combination at the same time.



Integration support for both modern and legacy enterprise data sources and services through pre-built open source libraries – many of the ones you and your team are already using.




REST scaffolding with dynamic OpenAPI generation and built in testing and documentation interface.



How It Works 

Productivity. Velocity. Same AWS.

Tired of AWS’ poor tooling, labor intensive tasks, and disjointed experience?


  • Take advantage of AWS infrastructure it to its fullest
  • Run seamlessly on AWS, on-premise or any multi cloud combination
  • Put the power of AWS back into the hands of your developer

Give your AWS developers a boost in velocity and productivity!