Express Gateway Open Source Project

Microservices Exposed as APIs Insanely Fast

An open source microservices API Gateway built for the cloud.

Declare and Deploy

Designed for developers with microservices in mind. Declare your APIs from your microservices and deploy them through the cloud easily.

Extend your Business Reach

APIs are not only the connective tissue for the digital economy, it’s the way to extend your businesses’ market reach. Express Gateway builds APIs from microservices and exposes them securely to create new opportunities to transact with you.

Continuously Adapt to Your Consumer’s Needs

Built from the ground up to meet the rapid changing needs of your business, Express Gateway is insanely easy to get started and highly configurable to meet your API use cases when you need to build complex custom functionality with no black box constraints.

Observe, Learn and Optimize

Express Gateway monitors and controls all consumption of your APIs and microservices both internally and externally so you can learn who’s using what, optimize every experience, and identify new use cases and channels.

Simplify Your Infrastructure

Express Gateway is platform and language agnostic. Utilize the same infrastructure as a uniform microservice to provide the same conventions and best practices throughout your entire architecture.

Cloud Native API Microservice API Gateway

Express Gateway is cloud native by design. Run in any cloud runtime - as a single process - a federated set of processes, a containers - an orchestrated containers - whatever makes sense for your architecture.

Express Gateway Use Cases

Use Case #1: Build a Digital Omnichannel

The holy grail of digital transformation - ONE API from your microservices that unifies all client consumption: web, mobile, IoT. without the useless duplication for specific clients.

Use Case #2: Innovate through Microservices

Modern business applications are built cloud first. Building for the cloud means adopting a microservices architecture. At the heart of this type of architecture is a highly flexible microservices API gateway and even multiple gateways working together.

Use Case #3: Power a Service Mesh

A microservices gateway sits as a sidecar to every service and controls all infrastructure related concerns. Multiple microservices and prescribed gateways form a compute layer of loosely coupled decentralized services that are self discoverable and standardize quality of services such as circuit breaking and optimal routing.

Use Case #4: Create a Developer Community

Expand your opportunities and crowdsource new applications to engage with more customers by exposing the building blocks of your business to a whole new channel of partners who utilize your functionality within or alongside their own offering.

"Simple, powerful and flexible without getting in your way—a core building block that elegantly leverages ExpressJS and unlocks it from the technical/developer side of the business."
— Amar Singh Rathor, Head of Standard Chartered Studios


Everything just

From the core to all of its extensions, all API management features are powered through JavaScript,Node.js and Express.js, a minimalistic framework for Node.js, so you can quickly understand and customize.

Enterprise Features
for Free

OAuth2 introspection, JWT token generation, and many other features that are considered “enterprise” come as part of the standard core within Express Gateway.

Consumer and Credentials
Management Module

Out of the box authentication and authorization system for APIs that easily integrates with existing IAM service providers and systems of record (e.g. SAML, Kerberos). Get started and easily to integrate to what you’ve already built.

Declarative Config

Declare and centralize all configuration for the API use case into YAML(or JSON) files. With config as code, Express Gateway runs dynamically as a cloud native piece of infrastructure - ready for CI/CD, containerization, and orchestration.

Plugin Framework: Roll Your
Own Middleware

Never start from scratch. Express Gateway’s plugin framework takes any of the 3000+ existing ExpressJS modules and allows you roll a plugin of your own with a growing and rich ecosystem.

Runtime Engine

Express Gateway entities, like policies, pipelines, conditions, and actions, wrap around powerful Express.js middleware so you can dynamically inject those values as parameters instead of hardcoding logic and declaring static conditions.

API Management and Security

Commercial Support

Customer Success and Expert Services

Multi Cloud Runtime

Serverless and Microservices




Serverless Platform

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