Express Gateway Enterprise

Transform Microservices into APIs

Express Gateway Enterprise is a microservices API gateway that lets Developer and DevOps quickly and easily expose microservices as APIs.

Make Connections Quicker

APIs are the connective tissue of the cloud. Make as many digital connections through APIs to expand your products and grow your customers more quickly.

Unite Applications and Infrastructure Hand in Hand

Development and DevOps have lots of inter-dependencies. Express Gateway Enterprise enables your infrastructure and application to be defined the same way so they work better – together.

Make All
Integration Simple
and Easy

In the digital economy, APIs form the backbone of all cloud enabled integration. Express Gateway Enterprise acts as a single point of entry and makes internal and external API consumption easy for any consumer.

Know Everything About Your Services

Express Gateway Enterprise collects all information about who, what and how APIs are being used to call upon your services. Get better insight and provide a superior experience for customers and partners while you increase profitability.

Get Peace of Mind Through Security

Express Gateway Enterprise is the gatekeeper between what your business exposes externally and what it runs internally. Create trust through security by allowing for breakthrough visibility and control over who can consume your APIs.

Microservices API Gateway for all Clouds

Express Gateway Enterprise runs on your public cloud account and utilizes it to its fullest capability without the lock-in and cost. As a true multi cloud gateway, Express Gateway Enterprise runs seamlessly on-premise and in any multi cloud combination through common infrastructure built on Kubernetes.

Express Gateway Enterprise
Use Cases

Use Case #1: Modern Application Development

Today’s web, mobile, and IoT applications are built using frameworks that talk to your backend exclusively through an API secured by an API gateway. Developing for the cloud means developing with APIs and a microservices API gateway.

Use Case #2: Digital Extension of Product Reach

Extend your products and features from existing customers and partners to more potential users by giving them access through web standard APIs. Start building the ecosystem around your digital offerings.

Use Case #3:External and Internal Service Integration

Modern enterprise applications are increasingly leveraging existing data and services both internal and external. Create seamless experiences for your customers and partners with the combined power of integrations enabled by a microservices API gateway.

Use Case #4: Unify and Orchestrate Microservices

Microservices are compartmentalizing how we build and think about the discreet parts that comprise applications. When it comes to unifying your microservices, a microservices API gateway enables internal service communication so you can focus on building microservice based applications that can scale in the cloud while be more easily maintained.

"Traditional tools bypassed the developer even though they are building and integrating to APIs. LunchBadger products build on this precept and marry it with a new ease for architects and business users."
— Dimitri Sirota of CEO of BigID



An intuitive visual interface that is a “single pane of glass” to unify viewing and managing your API producers and consumers as one seamless experience.

Enterprise Functionality and Integrations Points

Authentication, authorization, audit (AAA) and quality of service capabilities and integrations into your existing systems is powered by middleware from a library of over 3,000 community written modules.

and Pipelines

A true microservices API gateway that is built like microservices itself. Pipelines are discrete sets of policies that can be deployed, replicated and scaled exactly like a microservices application.

Built-in Consumer

User, applications, credentials and authorization scopes all ready to be used inside the box. The right extension points and modularity to interface with your existing consumer management systems of record for identity and authorization.

YAML Driven Declarative Configuration

Declare your entire gateway’s configuration and behavior dynamically through declarative and easy to understand YAML files that are continuous deploy/continuous development (CI/CD) and cloud native ready for container orchestration.

Multi Cloud
Ready Runtime

Auto deploy and scale multiple gateway instances easily into Kubernetes without worrying about dockerizing and container image management. Run in any combination of on-premise, public and private cloud that makes sense for your organization.

API Management and Security

Commercial Support

Customer Success and Expert Services

Multi Cloud Runtime

Serverless and Microservices




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