As an architect or development manager, the demands on you and your team are ever increasing while your resources and infrastructure remain static. You’re tasked with a growing number of projects, including creating your company’s “” API offering which offers the hope of opening up your business’ functionality and value.

Solution Benefits

  • Simplifies the problem by providing a serverless experience so that your team can spend more time on core business functions and less on infrastructure and boilerplate.

  • Makes APIs a team sport by creating collaboration through its unified runtime and visual canvas experience.

  • Bring Your Own Framework (BYOF) to avoid vendor lock in and re-use your polyglot components as streamlined microservices.

  • Architects can create centers of excellence and best practices around microservices, serverless models, continuous delivery and measurements.

  • With on-demand container provisioning, developers can build and model environments and configuration as code to accelerate delivery while optimizing resources.