3 Magic E’s: Expressions, Express.js and Express Gateway

Express Gateway comes with a lot of powerful features baked in, like OAuth2 and key auth. When built-in features aren't enough, Express Gateway has an expression policy, which lets you execute arbitrary JavaScri... Read more

API Strategies: 3 Keys to Success in the Enterprise

We've been going off about API Strategies this week. It's because these strategies can play a key role in the success of failure of business, large or small. If executed properly, you can open up new lines of busines... Read more

API Strategies: How to use Express.js Middleware for Growth

Why Express.js Middleware? When we set out to build an open source API Gateway, we had a lot of tough choices ahead of us. What frameworks should we use?  How do we provide the best possible experience for developers... Read more

How to Implement OAuth in Express Gateway

How to Implement OAuth in Express Gateway Express Gateway gives you the ability to spin up your own oauth provider from the command line. OAuth enables your users to delegate API endpoints to various apps via scopes. ... Read more