Join Our Team at LunchBadger

Are you the next lucky badger?

We are building a team of humble, respectful, and productive practitioners and developers who want to:

  1. Solve hard tech problems,
  2. Make everyone better, and
  3. Enjoy themselves while growing a super successful startup!

We offer benefits, flexible schedules, and the ability to work from home. Eventually, we will have a San Mateo based secret hideout.

What are we working on?

At our core, we are developers and technologists. We work in cutting edge cloud native tech with Node.js, LoopBack, Express.js, React, Serverless, Kubernetes, Docker Containers, etc.

Protip: Check out our Demo or Register for a Free Trial to learn more and get a hands-on perspective.

Additionally, we get really excited about new trends in Node.js, exciting Express.js middleware, Open Source everything, Microservices and APIs with deep industry connections to help us achieve our ambitious mission. As part of our core values, we actively seek out candidates with a diverse background and encourage you to apply.

So, if you are a passionate technology professional who enjoys spreading your wings while trailblazing in an innovative space, then LunchBadger may be your next home 🙂

We currently do not have any positions open.

In the meantime…

While you dig around, you may want to check out our blog to learn more about our perspective on everything from APIS, Microservices, How-Tos and more. You can also find us on Medium, Reddit, StackOverflow and we’re kind of a big deal on Github and so is our open source project, Express Gateway.

Check out the latest Lunchbadger news and updates on Twitter: @lunchbadger or Facebook.