As a business or product owner, you constantly face the age old challenges of growing your market share and increasing revenue. Protecting the install base has become challenging with disruptive competition providing richer anytime-anywhere-any device interactions.

No one company alone can provide enough value to suffice the needs of this richer interaction being brought on by technological innovations and a more sophisticated consumer. Transforming into a composable enterprise and leveraging partners and the developer ecosystem are key to survival.

Solution Benefits

  • Provides new revenue opportunities and channels to broaden your market reach while opening your company’s functionality to be taken advantage by your customer and partner ecosystems.

  • Uses a data driven approach for pricing and packaging of your API products.

  • A/B test various plans and packages to assess their impact on current and future revenue without impact to production.

  • Continuously build models and forecasts to plan and adjust your strategy while tracking real time actuals toward your goals.

  • Accurately predict revenue and cost for current and future API products.


Utilizing APIs, LunchBadger amplifies market reach through partner and channel enablement, optimizes revenue per customer, and helps launch value-differentiated offerings to customers – new and old.For more information contact [email protected]