Open Source India Here We Come!

When we were first approached about presenting Express Gateway, an open source API Gateway built entirely on Express.js at an open source conference in India, we were..a little skeptical.

Our primary concerns were:

  • Do Node.js and Express.js developers actually attend a conference like this?
  • What will people think of an open source API gateway like Express Gateway?
  • What is the open source developer community like in India?
  • Do other open source, Node.js. Express.js focused companies also attend?
  • Can we challenge our competitors to a duel on sight? Do they know Kung Fu?

Well, the answer to that last one was a no AND also no. However; for the rest of those questions, we didn’t want to waste time or money trying to figure all of that out on our own.

Open Source India?

By now, you will have heard of our open source project, Express Gateway. Additionally, we recently released Express Gateway 1.2.0 with the new Plugin Engine.

Protip: If you haven’t already – check out the plugin example of how to build your own.

We have worked hard to include developer feedback every step of the way. Also, as co-sponsors of Express Gateway, we’re partnering with companies like Joyent. There is a lot of alignment in how we think about the open source community. Joyent is a natural fit.

For Open Source India 2017 conference, we asked ourselves:

“What can we do together to make an impact on the experiences of open source developers and the Node.js and Express.js communities all over the world?”

We felt that this conference was going to be the first of many great opportunities to experiment with this concept.

Don’t go at it alone

We found an excellent partner in Techyugadi, who was on the ground in India. In addition to being able to help with the logistics and relationships, they understand the conference and the attendees. Their guidance was helpful in understanding how we could makeExpress Gateway, our open source API Gateway, accessible to the thousands of developers and executives at OSI 2017.

Protip: Printing T-shirts and other swag in country saves you so much money!

It’s not easy finding the right parter for your open source project. Additionally,  Qualifying opportunities to promote and reach a practitioner or developer audience.

We feel lucky, but we also want to share this experience because we know that in the upcoming week, we’re going to meet YOU, our developer and Node.js & Express.js community and hang out with some top names in the industry.

Key Takeaways

This year at Open Source India, we’re showcasing Express Gateway, an open source API Gateway. It gives you, the developer, gateway capabilities while LunchBadger gives you composition and aggregation/mashup for rolling up fine grain microservices into engagement level APIs.

We’ll also run a live demo on how to run and deploy Express Gateway instances with helpful “Getting Started with Express Gateway” guides, code snippets and examples.

At LunchBadger, we are focusing the Express Gateway project on a few key areas:

  • Building simple, flexible and community driven open source tooling used anywhere by anyone.
  • Understanding critical issues Node.js and Express.js developers are facing.
  • Building in a flexible and sustainable way driven by the community to be able to solve those issues.

So, if you’ve been looking for a deep dive into Express Gateway’s capabilities and ease of use or just some pro tips – now is the time to join the conversation.

Moving On

Additionally, if you’re interested in more of these topics, join the live discussion on twitter (@lunchbadger) or (@express_gateway).

So, if you have questions about Express Gateway or want to get more involved in our community, please consider joining our Gitter. Also, we work hard to create an open and transparent environment where you get your questions answered and meet other developers interested in open source.