Special announcement from our CEO: Multi-Cloud, Kubernetes and Our New Partnership with Joyent

We just announced a new partnership with Joyent, the open cloud company, to take multi-cloud serverless applications to the next level. We started with a serverless experience. Now, together with Joyent, we’re upping the game with a simple, yet flexible, alternative to managing virtual applications across multiple providers.


Learn more about what all the excitement is about or check out our Joyent partner page!

Agility and Speed are the Future of Cloud

Some cloud platforms *cough*Lambda*cough* are just now getting enterprise connectivity – we’ve had it all along. You need agility, speed and a way to visualize your microservices and app as a whole. Develop, integrate, deploy, scale, secure and publish microservices and APIs to production rapidly using the same unified platform.


API gateway, composition and integration tooling, and IDE to write functions – we believe that innovation starts with the agility to change as rapidly as your business, grow and scale with expanding use cases.

Open Cloud Helps You Break Free From Lock In

Cost is another side to the same coin.This new partnership lets you have your lunch and eat it too. Continuing their evolution to an open cloud company, Joyent offers managed services for Kubernetes as well as open services and Private Regions for consolidated storage. The open cloud stands on three pillars: Consolidated Storage, Multi-Cloud Kubernetes, and Open Services that run serverless.


From the Press Release:


“Our partnership with LunchBadger is the foundational third pillar of our open cloud strategy,” said Shubhra Kar, VP of Product, Joyent. “The LunchBadger Serverless platform has been designed to be cloud agnostic and Kubernetes native. They are the ideal partner for us to build out Open Services like api-gateways, functional microservices, databases and event-streams, all running serverless across multiple clouds. This will provide a viable option to customers seeking to break free from the lock-in of proprietary ‘as a service’ offerings of cloud providers.”

Simplified Operations with Multi-cloud Kubernetes

At LunchBadger, we believe that there must be a more agnostic approach to Enterprise cloud environments. In order to realize this, enterprises around the world are investing in the next frontier innovation – multi-cloud compute using Kubernetes. But what are the key advantages? How do you know if it’s right for your business?


Let’s break it down.


With the Multi-Cloud Kubernetes solution from Joyent, you can provision and manage Kubernetes clusters on both public and private regions from a global control plane.

It goes a little something like this: simplify Kubernetes operations, distribute workloads, give compute costs some optimization magic. Now, scale. Regardless of the limitations of your provider or cloud, you can finally have a flexible solution that scales with your business.


It just so happens that we’re huge fans of Kubernetes too.


The LunchBadger application stack includes an API Gateway built entirely on Express (Express Gateway), microservices composition and integration tooling, developer portal and IDE to write functions, and…you guessed it…it’s all fused to a Kubernetes Runtime.

To learn more about the partnership and understand what all of the excitement is about, you can check out the entire press release with quotes from Joyent and Owen Rogers, Research Director of the Digital Economics Unit for 451 Research.

View the entire joint press release right over here

Thanks, again, for all of your continued support and we look forward to getting your feedback!