Meet the new additions to the LunchBadger Engineering Team!

Please meet our new Badgers!

Oh my! How our team has grown!

As an a early stage startup focused on and Empowerment, it’s been quite a journey so far. Also, as many startups already know, finding the right people early on can make or break your company.

ProTip: Don’t go at it alone – take this.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve added some incredible engineering talent to our team. We’re excited to welcome two new rockstars who are already burning down that backlog and whipping our engineering into shape.  In addition to engineering stardom, Kevin and Irfan open up a brand new chapter in our startup journey.

Come say hello!

Kevin Swiber, Engineering Manager LunchBadger

Kevin Swiber -Engineering Manager


First up, Kevin Swiber, our new engineering manager. In case you missed the memo,  we love open source and it’s no secret that Kevin does too.

As a matter of fact, Kevin is no stranger to designing, developing and releasing Open Source Software.Prior to joining the team, Kevin designed, built, and launched an API-first Internet of Things solution at Apigee, consisting of an open source framework and a commercial product.

You might also know Kevin in the API community for his work on hypermedia.  Additionally, he wrote a specification called Siren, which helps drive many internal (and some external) APIs for businesses around the world.

Check out his special guest appearances here,  here and here.

Currently located in Santa Cruz, Kevin shares a perfect blend of technical expertise and amazing empathy-driven culture to our engineering team over here at LunchBadger. We can’t wait to see what new horizons and capabilities we can unlock for LunchBadger.

 Irfan Baqui, Senior Engineer LunchBadger

Irfan Baqui – Senior Engineer


As the newest Senior Engineer, we’re excited to welcome Irfan to the LunchBadger Family!

Irfan joined LunchBadger to support growing engineering efforts. We wanted to expand our technology capabilities with adding a practitioner to the team who was familiar with our users’ needs. That’s when we connected with Irfan and knew it was a match!

Prior to joining up, Irfan worked on security and Identity Management at MuleSoft. Also, Irfan knows a good architecture when he sees it. As a management consultant, he assessed technology infrastructure during the lengthy due diligence process. Not for the faint of heart!

This work allowed Irfan up close and personal experience with the users of Enterprise Software. An invaluable skill (and amazing contributor) that we can’t do without! As the latest addition to the LunchBadger family, Irfan is already making a huge impact.

Give Kevin and Irfan a warm welcome to the LunchBadger family!


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