LunchBadger raises 1.5M investment from Pelion Venture Partners

LunchBadger raises 1.5M!

Special Announcement: LunchBadger raises 1.5M investment to reduce complexity working with APIs

Open source and cloud native technologies are changing the world. Or at least, that’s the vision of Silicon Valley based LunchBadger, which recently raised $1.5 million in seed funding from Pelion Venture Partners to execute on this ambitious mission.

“Managing the complete lifecycle and orchestration of APIs had become more complex with the growth of complex distributed microservices.  LunchBadger’s platform is a huge step forward with better visibility and management of an API for better business functionality and value,” said Chad Packard, Partner at Pelion Venture Partners,  “LunchBadger offers in one platform both the technical features and simplicity to bring together all of the stakeholders in deploying and monetizing APIs.”


In addition to LunchBadger, Pelion Ventures has investments in Open Source, SAAS and infrastructure technology companies. Pelion Ventures’ portfolio includes: (acquired by SanDisk in 2014) and active investments in companies like CloudFlare,, Unifi, Venafi and Icebrg.

Recent industry trends have focused attention on APIs as a core business asset and suggest that the use of APIs to facilitate digital transactions increases annual net income and growth. In light of these trends, developers and businesses alike are turning to solutions to help build APIS and orchestrate microservices.

However; it’s time consuming to “map”, deploy and manage microservices as APIs on a continuous basis and in cloud native and cloud portable runtime. Additionally, developers and businesses just don’t have the right controls and hooks to be able to properly monetize APIs. In the world of startups, recent acquisitions of Apigee by Google and Apiary by Oracle are strong indicators of the current shifts happening in the market.

“Microservices running Serverless are going to define the next decade of computing powering mobile, IoT and AI.” said Shubra Kar, Vice President of Product and Digital Marketing at Joyent, “I believe LunchBadger has it’s vision firmly aligned towards this new momentum shift and can surface as a major disruptor.” 


Led by Al Tsang, Chief Executive Officer, the team plans to use the funding to build a strong engineering team and product capabilities within the company. Additionally, Tsang is the former Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Strongloop (acquired by IBM in 2015).

Built from the ground up in 2016, the current product is in private beta. Developers who are building APIs in a continuous lifecycle using serverless open source frameworks or those interested in learning more about LunchBadger can sign up to be added to the private beta.