Special note from the CEO: Meet the LunchBadger Advisors

Welcome our new advisors!


You know what they say – it takes a village. When it comes to building a startup and finding advisors, it takes a little elbow grease too.

In truth, our ambitious mission to empower developers is the foundation of LunchBadger. So, we have found the perfect advisors and the LunchBadger team is honored to share our journey.

Experience means walking the walk.

As you may already know, I am the former Co-founder and CTO of StrongLoop (acquired by IBM). Additionally, as  the CEO of an early stage startup, I leverage my deep level expertise and tacit knowledge of the industry to help chart a course. 

If there is one thing that experience has taught us, it’s this:

Innovation is not created in a vacuum.

Furthermore, our deeply held belief is that Open Source Software and Cloud Native Technologies can change the world. In parallel, we recognize that as LunchBadger grows, the challenges we face will grow as well.

Therefore, we enlisted the help of the top industry leaders.

For the LunchBadger team, it’s important to recognize these key figures who are an integral part of what makes us who were are.

Dimitri Sirota – Chief Executive Officer, BigID


Dimitri Sirota is the Chief Executive Officer of BigID and, like Al, is an industry veteran. He co-founded API security & management pioneer Layer 7 Technologies (acquired by CA Technologies). After the acquisition, Dimitri served as Senior Vice President of Security Strategy.

“API Management is now over a decade old as an industry. Many of the current category leaders started developing their products before cloud, before containers, before AI. The market is ripe for innovation and new automation” said Sirota, ”What excited me about LunchBadger is their vision for disrupting the API Management category leveraging modern technology and focus on business value.”


As the former co-founder of Layer 7 and current Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of BigID, Sirota previously invested in Strongloop (acquired by IBM in 2015), the sponsor of ExpressJS.

Additionally, Dmitri is also an advisor to Apiary (acquired by Oracle), HYPR and Aqua. Aside from his advisory roles, he actively invests in companies like Socure, Modalyst and StrongLoop (acquired by IBM).

Shubhra Kar – Vice President, Product and Digital Marketing at Joyent


Shubhra Kar is the Vice President of Product and Digital Marketing at Joyent and a thought leader. With decades of leadership experience under his belt, Shubhra also served as the Head of Product Marketing for Influx Data, StrongLoop, and many more.

“Micro-services running Serverless are going to define the next decade of computing powering mobile, IoT and AI,” said Kar, ”I believe LunchBadger has it’s vision firmly aligned towards this new momentum shift and can surface as a major disruptor.”


As a matter of fact, Shubhra is a passionate advocate for game changing technology. Currently, Shubhra is also the Marketing Chair of the Node.js Foundation.

A special note to other startups

First and foremost, we’ve chose Dimitri and Shubhra because they are icons at not just what they do, but also – how they do it. Moreover, they also share the same passion for our users.

We look forward to their wit, candor and ongoing contributions to our company and community. Additionally, we hope to provide as much value to them through our network, users, and the opportunity to join their peers on this incredible journey. 

Advisors help shape the future of your company. Choosing a mentor or Advisor is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make.

For this reason, choose wisely.



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