Community Update: Kubernetes, Serverless and All Things Open Source

It’s been a great couple of months and now it’s time to break out the boxed wine and the slow jams for this month’s community update. We get it, you’re building epic apps and so we’ve rounded up the latest and greatest updates in one place.

Kubernetes, Serverless and a new unified platform

Let’s kick this off with the biggest badger in the room. If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve been busy updating the LunchBadger platform and website, but that’s not all!

And in other news….

See you soon, ya’ll!

As part of our ongoing commitment to the community, we’ve lined up two amazing speaking gigs with one of our esteemed engineers, Vincenzo Chianese.

We will post event wrap ups, slides, and more goodies on our blog and all over social so stay tuned for more on those events as details become available.

I will also speak at the APIs & IPAs Meetup on 11/14 – so check it out if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and come say hello!

About that open source project

It has been an incredible ride building Express Gateway, an open source API gateway built entirely on Express.js. As you may already know Express Gateway, gives you, the developer, gateway capabilities while LunchBadger gives you composition and aggregation/mashup for rolling up fine grain microservices into engagement level APIs.

So here’s some open source magic we think you’ll appreciate:

500+ stargazers    1,400+ Downloads Crap. Thank you so much for your support! We’re so grateful and special shoutout to our co-sponsors Joyent for supporting the project!

Other news items..

That’s it!

If you’re interested in more updates join the live discussion on Social Media: twitter (@lunchbadger) or (@express_gateway). Check out the links below for more ways to get involved, learn and get coding!