Democratizing API Management

Democratize API Mgmt. with Express Gateway & Kubernetes on Triton by Joyent

What does democratizing even mean?

Democratization is a process of introducing methods, support and the means to be inclusive of communities, ecosystems and give back direct control over projects or technologies to practitioners.

For us, we have been focusing on how we can do this for API Management, which is a key growth strategy for Enterprise companies.


By now, you will have heard of our favorite open source project, Express Gateway. We have worked hard to include developer feedback every step of the way.

As cosponsors of Express Gateway, we’re partnering with companies like Joyent because there is a lot of alignment in how we think about the open source community.

Above all else – what can we do together to make an impact on the experiences of open source developers?

At LunchBadger, we are focusing the Express Gateway project on a few key areas. One of the most important areas is the ability to provide simple, flexible and community driven open source tooling that can be used anywhere by anyone.

Say Hello to Express Gateway & Kubernetes on Triton

It’s not easy finding the right parter for your open source project. It’s even more difficult to find one that understands the technology you’re using and how you want to use that technology to provide next generation tooling for developers.

For us, Joyent Triton was a natural fit to showcase the capabilities of the Express Gateway project and Kubernetes.

Key Takeaways

Express Gateway gives you gateway capabilities while LunchBadger gives you composition and aggregation/mashup for rolling up fine grain microservices into engagement level APIs.

We’ll follow up this post with slides, code snippets and more from our upcoming webinar. In case you missed it, we’re going to discuss open and portable platform services strategy •

We’ll also run a live demo on how to run a Kubernetes cluster on the Triton cloud platform and deploy Express Gateway instances to the cluster so you can manipulate it as a control point for API consumption.

If you’ve been looking for a deep dive into Express Gateway’s capabilities and ease of use or just some pro tips on how to configure security policies using the familiar and powerful Express.js middleware, now is the time to join the conversation.


Check out the entire webinar over here!

Moving On

Additionally, if you’re interested in more of these topics, join the live discussion on twitter (@lunchbadger) or (@express_gateway).

If you have questions about Express Gateway or want to get more involved in our community, please consider joining our Gitter. We’ve been working hard to create an open and transparent environment where you can get your questions answered and meet other devs interested in open source.

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