Let’s Build the APIs and Microservices of tomorrow, today.

Compose, manage, optimize and monetize on your APIs and Microservices all within a serverless Multi-Cloud Microservices platform. Easily gain actionable insights in real-time with LunchBadger.

Our History

  • June 1, 2016 LunchBadger is born

    Al Tsang, former CTO of StrongLoop, creates LunchBadger.

  • July 13,2017 LunchBadger raises $1.5M from Pelion Ventures

    LunchBadger raises 1.5M investment to reduce complexity working with APIs.

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  • July 19th,2017 Shubhra Kar and Dimitri Sirota become advisors for LunchBadger

    LunchBadger welcomes Shubhra Kar, Vice President of Product and Digital Marketing at Joyent, and Dimitri Sirota, Chief Executive Officer of BigID as key advisors to help guide the future of LunchBadger.

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  • July 25, 2017 LunchBadger becomes the next Heavybit member

    Heavybit, an accelerator focused on developer tools, admits LunchBadger.

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  • July 27, 2017  Express Gateway makes a huge splash

    LunchBadger launches Express Gateway, an open source API Gateway built entirely on Express.js.

What does the future hold? Learn more about we’re building.

Our Team

Al Tsang

Al Tsang, the Chief Executive Officer of LunchBadger, also co-founded StrongLoop (acquired by IBM, 2015) as CTO to help bring new generation cloud technologies like NodeJS to market. Al is the creator of LoopBack, a leading open source NodeJS framework for enterprise APIs. LinkedIn: altsang Recent Blog Posts

Kevin Swiber

Kevin Swiber, Head of Engineering at LunchBadger, has an extensive background in technology. You might also know about his work on hypermedia or a specification called Siren, which drives many internal (and some external) APIs for businesses around the world. LinkedIn: kevinswiber Recent Blog Posts

Kristof Olbinski

Kristof, Senior Software Developer at LunchBadger, holds a Masters of Science degree from the University of Technology in Lodz. Prior to joining the team, Kristof worked on global brands like Orange, T-Mobile, Wirtualna Polska or CheapTickets.nl. Recent Blog Posts

Dellaena Maliszewski

Dellaena is currently the marketing lead at LunchBadger. With over a decade of experience in creating unique and authentic experiences for developers, executives and technical communities, she brings a unique perspective to LunchBadger. (We are out of Honeybadger stock photos, send help.) LinkedIn: dellaena-maliszewski-88527b37 Recent Blog Posts

Serhii Kuts

Serhii is a talented Engineer with decades of experience in software development. Prior to joining up, Serhii developed core pieces of technology for enterprises and startups. Recent Blog Posts

Vincenzo Chianese

Vincenzo is a Software Developer on the Engineering team at LunchBadger. Prior to joining, Vincenzo was an Engineering Team Lead at Apiary (acquired by Oracle). LinkedIn: d3dvincent Recent Blog Posts

Our  Advisors

Dimitri Sirota

Dimitri Sirota, Chief Executive Officer of BigID and the former co-founder of Layer 7 (acquired by CA Technologies), serves as an advisor to LunchBadger. LinkedIn: dimitrisirota Recent Blog Posts

Jimmy Guerrero

Jimmy, current VP of Marketing at SignifAI, brings to market startups in the open source, cloud, API, IoT, AI and machine learning spaces. As an advisor, Jimmy is core to our success and provides critical insight, perspective and tactical resources. LinkedIn: jiguerrero Recent Blog Posts

Shubhra Kar

Shubhra Kar, Vice President of Product and Digital Marketing at Joyent, currently serves as a Board Advisor to LunchBadger. Shubhra is also the Chair of the Marketing Committee of the Node.js Foundation. LinkedIn: shubhrakar Recent Blog Posts

Our Investors

Pelion Venture Logo

Why we invested in LunchBadger with Pelion Venture Partners

LunchBadger’s platform is a huge step forward with better visibility and management of an API for better business functionality and value. LunchBadger offers in one platform both the technical features and simplicity to bring together all of the stakeholders.


Chad Packard
Partner, Pelion Ventures

Check out why Pelion Ventures invested early with 1.5 M so we can build the future of API Empowerment for Microservices.

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