Month: May 2017

How To Optimize API Gateways with Zipkin and Express

API Gateways are undergoing a beautification. API Gateways are a means to minimize or optimize bandwidth usage by application developers requesting micro services.  Additionally, API Gateways become a conduit to sync... Read more

Sustainable Development & Microservices

Sustainable Development is a movement. Consider this, even the most valuable development practices or methodologies do not always translate well to stakeholders. While APIs and microservices certainly aren't going ... Read more

Key Considerations in Designing an API

So you want to build an API - now what? Now, we get to work. If you're going to accomplish your ambitious mission, there are quite a few key API design considerations you will need to know along the way. Before you ge... Read more

What’s happening right now in Open Source

In the last 6 months, a lot of news and attention has been given to open source projects, enterprises open sourcing some of their projects and new product lines as a direct result of acquisitions. like APIary. In ... Read more