Month: November 2016

VidRoll, adChain, Ethereum Dapps and APIs Pt.1

A Premier Private Beta User Since the soft launch we’ve been fortunate to connect and reconnect with the developer community around Node.js and LoopBack. One of our reconnections has been with James, a long time commun... Read more

Fluffy Clouds Have API Backbones Pt.2

Cloud companies need to think API First. If you didn't read part 1 of this series you can find it here. Monolithic to Microservice Based Apps Here lies the burning question. "How can developers make sure the building ... Read more

Fluffy Clouds Have API Backbones Pt.1

A New Generation Has Arrived - Are You In?   A generation of nimble, cloud-based agile companies like Salesforce, Uber and Airbnb are taking flight unburdened by outdated, paper-based workflows and technologie... Read more