Month: October 2016

APIs versus Services

APIs provide a uniform, universal and flexible way of interfacing with your clients without having to worry about the differences in client capabilities. How’s an API different from a traditional service? Although deco... Read more

Kubernetes for API and Microservice Orchestration

Two weeks ago, we talked about the benefits that Docker brings to organizations building out an API infrastruture. Last week, we went one level higher to look at how container orchestrators promise to simplify the deploy... Read more

Serverless APIs – Passing the Buck? Pt.2

  Side Note: Full Circle Hopefully you caught Part 1 of this blog post. We walked through the shifting landscape of compute focus with IaaS, PaaS, and now Serverless or (FaaS) and observed the change of responsibi... Read more

Container Orchestration for APIs and Microservices

In a previous post, we looked at how Docker solves four major problems for software and operations engineers involved in the deployment and runtime management of applications, APIs, and microservices: packaging, distribu... Read more